s  a  n  -  r  o  k  u

ろばた焼き 山ろく 


we strive to serve only the freshest ingredients
prepared to the highest standards
beautifully presented
we are san roku 

 our promise



Reservations are taken by phone between 15:00 to 17:00.

We do not accept reservations for visits on Sundays and public holidays. On those days, guests will be served on a first come first served basis.

電話 受付時間 15時〜17時




business hours

Weekdays - Opening at 11:30, closing when we run out of stock

Saturday, Sunday and public holidays - Opening at 11:00, closing when we run out of stock

Closed on Wednesday.

平日 11:30〜品切れまで

土日祝 11:00〜品切れまで

​定休日 水曜日


Logo design

Robatayaki Sanroku carefully selects only the best "Akoudori" chicken that Kikuchu can provide.

All chicken is cooked fresh in the morning, to ensure it is as delicious as possible. We will never serve you frozen or day-old chicken. If we run out of fresh chicken, we close for the day. 

To guarantee quality and freshness, we built Sanroku as close as possible to the source of the product we serve. This is why Sanroku is in the mountains near Kikuchi, and not in a big city. Fortunately, since we have built our reputation on a strict commitment to quality and taste, our customers are happy to make the voyage to our location.

Our logo is designed to bring to mind chickens, roaming wild in the mountains before dawn. This represents the remarkable quality of our meat, and we hope that is what you think of when you see it.



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